List of third-party SDK

We will conduct strict security tests on SDK or other similar applications, and require partners to take strict measures to protect your personal data. When meeting new service requirements and business function changes, we may adjust the third-party SDK we access and timely disclose the latest situation of accessing the third-party SDK to you in this description. Please note that there may be some changes in the data type of the third-party SDK due to version upgrade, policy adjustment and other reasons. Please refer to the official instructions published by it. At present, the third-party SDK accessed by this application is as follows:

Huawei device management service SDK

Purpose of collecting personal information: complete the verification with Huawei cloud authorization to ensure that your product always meets the requirements of harmonyos connect certification

Type of personal data collected: device hardware identification, device hardware parameters, and system version information related to the device

Third party SDK privacy Description: about Huawei device management service and privacy description